Terms of Use


My music is released under the Creative Commons / Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) and the tracks are free to use on social media as long as you credit me.
You can find instruction on how to give credit here.


If you want to use my music without having to credit me, you will have to purchase a license for legal use.
Explore the licenses offered for sale at my License Shop.

You are not allowed to use my tracks for your own music

You do not have permission to use my tracks as background music for your own musical creations.
It's also strictly prohibited to upload my tracks under your own music artist name on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.


Rarely, despite proper crediting or obtaining a license, some users might face copyright claims on YouTube.
Please understand that any such claim wouldn't deliberately come from me.

Typically, this occurs when someone has stolen my music and uploaded it to music platforms under their own name.
This can lead to confusion as the copyright claim may display a different track title than the one you've used.

Resolving these issues is my top priority. If this occurs, please contact me through the form here, and I will promptly address the situation.
Your swift notification will help in rectifying it as quickly as possible.


This website operates without the use of any cookies. I prioritize your privacy and have intentionally designed my platform to function without employing these tracking mechanisms.
Rest assured, your browsing experience remains unaffected by cookie-related data collection or storage on my site.